mercredi 28 juin 2017

Microsoft to sell Box storage to Azure customers

Microsoft has announced a new tie-up with Box that will extend the intelligence and reach of its Azure cloud platform. Under the terms of the deal, Box will now use Azure as a strategic cloud platform, with a new "Box on Azure" now being offered out to enterprise customers around the world. However the partnership will also see Box getting the chance to use Azure’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for the first time. This could potentially soon mean that Box customers would be able to use highly advanced tools such as advanced content processing, and voice control, to power… [Continue Reading]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16232 to the Fast ring

We’re back on the weekly release schedule, and after two jam-packed exciting new builds you might be forgiven for thinking the latest big Insider release would be a little light on new features and… you’d be wrong. Build 16232 introduces some of the new security features which will be coming to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, including Exploit Protection, and Controlled folder access in Windows Defender Antivirus. It also introduces improvements for Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG). SEE ALSO: With Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is going all-in on security If you’re not familiar, Windows Defender Application Guard… [Continue Reading]

VMware will release security solution for virtual machines

VMWare is finally going to release its security solution for virtual machines, and according to the company's senior VP, it could be released in the third quarter of this year. Speaking at a global roadshow in Melbourne, Australia, Jeff Jennings said the product (which will probably be called App Defense) will be looking at the "context of a virtual machine." In a nutshell, here’s what we can expect: a solution will first look at a virtual machine and analyze executables that are supposed to run inside it. It will network the infrastructure the VM will touch on, analyze which ports… [Continue Reading]

ASUS releases affordable XG-C100C 10Gbps PCIe network adapter for Windows and Linux

Do you need a 10Gbps network adapter? I am going to go out on a limb and say no. Many homes only use Ethernet for the internet -- not transferring files between machines on the network. While some businesses could absolutely benefit from the speed, installing such a card in a workstation would be pointless without a 10Gbps network to which it could connect. That's the thing, to get the full speed of such a card, you need a compatible network, which you probably do not have. I say all of this to highlight that a 10Gbps PCIe network adapter card for… [Continue Reading]

Turning the Open API promise into reality: A roadmap for U.S. banks

Most major U.S. banks today seem to be singing the same tune, when it comes to acknowledging the potentially transformative impact Open API could have on their fortunes. Be it enabling reduced time to market, or helping reimagine the customer experience with personalized core and value-added services, the wide-ranging promise of Open API is not lost on banks. And, many U.S. lenders are beginning to walk the talk by sharing customer data with third parties through rollout of application programming interfaces (APIs). Bank of America recently announced plans for an API-driven information sharing agreement with two data aggregators, conditional upon… [Continue Reading]

Forget 'Steam Summer Sale' -- check out the Microsoft Xbox and PC 'Ultimate Game Sale'

Summer is here, meaning many folks will spend time outdoors at places like the beach, the park, or in the pool. Let's be honest though, not everyone is into going outside. If you are like me, rather than relaxing in the sand or playing in the water, you might choose to play video games, watch movies, or chat on IRC instead. There is no shame, guys. Now is the time that Steam historically has its PC game sale for the summer, but the company is getting some major competition from Microsoft. The Windows-maker is once again having its own discount celebration called… [Continue Reading]

Milwaukee sued over stupid Pokémon Go permit requirement

If you were like any other human being who grew up with Pokémon video games, cartoons, and trading cards, you've played Pokémon Go within the past year or so. It's essentially a scientific fact. The game was lauded with exorbitant praise as something that encouraged people to go outside, explore, and be active. That is, except for the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which declared in an ordinance earlier this year that such behavior wasn't welcome around its breweries and cheese factories. In February, the city started complaining about the congestion it was facing at its public parks. At one park… [Continue Reading]

More than 8 million Brits work from home

More than eight million of British employees now work at home for at least one day per week -- equivalent to almost a third (31 percent) of the entire working British populace. The news comes from Virgin Media, which based its conclusions on a study of 2,006 employees. The report says homeworkers are bringing in £167 billion to the UK economy every year, and that number will only continue to grow. This year, homeworkers spend 10.2 billion hours working from home, which represents a 26 percent increase compared to 2012. Among those that still don’t work from home, many would love to… [Continue Reading]

NirSoft unveils NetworkUsageView 1.0

NirSoft has released NetworkUsageView, a handy portable program which displays some of the applications that have been using your network over the past few hours, days or weeks. Details available include the app name, description, the time of access for that session, user, internet adapter and the bytes sent and received. NetworkUsageView extracts this information from data already recorded by Windows 8 and later. That means you don’t have to install it on a system, or run it before the period you want to monitor. Just launch the program as an administrator and it displays all existing details. Don’t forget… [Continue Reading]

Half of organizations hit by ransomware will suffer more than one attack

With ransomware hitting the headlines at the moment thanks to the Petya/NotPetya attack, a timely new report from cloud data protection specialist Druva reveals it's becoming a ubiquitous global threat affecting enterprises large and small and devices of all types. The survey of more than 800 companies shows that over 80 percent of respondents report ransomware attacks are on the rise and that half of businesses hit by ransomware have been attacked multiple times. "It's no longer a question of if an organization will be the victim of a ransomware attack, but when. Druva's Ransomware Report underscores the importance of… [Continue Reading]

London phone booths to feature Wi-Fi, charging station and access to local services

BT is going to replace payphone kiosks in London with a replacement that it says can be "the phone boxes of the future." According to a Mobile Europe news report, the new InLinkUK units will be smaller than traditional payphone boxes, will provide ultrafast Wi-Fi, a charging station, access to maps and local services, a business phone directory and real-time, context specific information such as weather updates and London Underground tube times. BT also says the services will be free and paid for by advertising revenue, but added that users will have to register for them. "This is the phone box of… [Continue Reading]

Win a RÖK case made from real stone for your Apple, Samsung, or Google smartphone

There are a lot of different types of cases for your smartphone, but many of them look cheap, or frankly, boring. Not so the cases in the RÖK collection. These striking cases are made from real stone, and are unlike anything else you’ll have seen before. If you have an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy flagship, a Google Pixel, or the LG V20, and are looking for a stylish case to protect it, then the RÖK range certainly fits the bill. The cases are available in a selection of styles -- Space, Meteor, Aztec, Mars, Crater, Canyon, and Volcanic -- and… [Continue Reading]

Cloud-based governance solution identifies breaches in real time

All organizations have valuable data which they need to protect, but as their digital footprint gets larger it becomes harder to keep track of and guard all their information. Content collaboration and governance specialist Egnyte is launching a cloud-based governance solution, Egnyte Protect to provide real-time analysis of all content within an organization and deliver insights to help administrators prevent potential data breaches. Egnyte Protect continuously analyzes the customer's entire content environment and classifies the most sensitive information, like credit card numbers or social security numbers. In real-time it can identify vulnerabilities, alert administrators and offer actions that can immediately fix… [Continue Reading]

Back up drives and partitions with MiniTool ShadowMaker Beta

MiniTool ShadowMaker Beta is a versatile tool for creating and managing backup images of all your storage devices. The program supports full, incremental and differential backups of both local drives and other systems on your network. Backups can be restored from within the program, via a bootable WinPE CD, DVD or USB key, or by integrating ShadowMaker’s recovery environment with the Windows boot menu. ShadowMaker is built to be as simple as possible. When we first clicked the Backup button, the program automatically chose our system drive as the source, selected a second drive with enough space to be the… [Continue Reading]

IBM and Lightbend collaborate on AI platform

IBM is announcing a collaborative development initiative with Lightbend, the provider of the world's leading Reactive Application Development Platform, to help advance the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive solutions in the enterprise. The collaboration will create new code, tools and documentation that will be designed to help developers build Java- and Scala-based applications on the Lightbend Reactive Platform. Joint solutions will provide a complete toolchain for Java and Scala developers to easily build and deploy AI and cognitive applications in both on-premise and cloud environments. Lightbend's current Reactive Platform is powered by an open source core and brings… [Continue Reading]

Cryptocurrency market bounces back after crash

Volatility is the norm of the day in the cryptocurrency market, so the recent crash that saw tens of billions of dollars wiped off from its value is hardly something unusual. These things happen from time to time, but, as of late, you can expect the market to recover shortly after. Case in point: yesterday I was telling you that all the major cryptocurrencies were in the red. The market's cap was down to under $90 billion. A couple of hours later, things started to improve, reaching the point where the cap is back over the $100 billion mark. Ethereum, the… [Continue Reading]

New software aims to make employees central to the workplace

With automation and artificial intelligence becoming increasingly important for business, many employees are worried about what that means for their careers and future as part of a human workforce. IT solutions specialist BMC is launching its new Digital Workplace, a cloud-based service that enables IT, HR, legal, facilities management, and any other line-of-business groups to offer employees a one-stop-shop for the tools and information they need to do their work. With millennials expected to make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, organizations must adapt to meet the influx of digital natives and their workplace expectations. They need to… [Continue Reading]