mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Apple breaks the hearts of many consumers by delaying revolutionary wireless AirPods

When Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7, some people were upset. Me? I was happy. Look, that analog audio jack was very outdated, and it was time to kill it. Digital audio is superior, and the Lightning port is a great alternative. The other reason I didn't mind the death of the headphone jack was AirPods -- Apple's revolutionary wireless headphones. Even though I own an iPhone 6S Plus with 3.5mm, I was saving up money to buy my own AirPods this month. Like a punch in the gut, however, today, Apple breaks the hearts of many… [Continue Reading]

Surface Dial accessory is all about productivity and control

Alongside an updated Surface Book and the all-new Surface Studio, at its event today Microsoft also presented an interesting accessory for its Surface line that is designed to help users be more productive while using their device -- and make it easier to control. It's called Surface Dial and what it does is enable Surface Studio, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 adopters to handle content, access various functions, and use various features on their device. But how does it work exactly? On a Surface Studio, the Surface Dial is meant to be positioned on the display, while on the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, which have not… [Continue Reading]

What you need to know about OpenStack

Despite being launched more than five years ago and being supported by high-profile businesses of the likes of IBM, Intel, Yahoo, CERN, Disney, and hundreds of others, OpenStack is not particularly well known in business circles. This is largely because OpenStack is a cloud operating system that works behind the scenes delivering the infrastructure that organizations need to work effectively. Speed and simplicity are its two main attributes, and since launching the OpenStack project has created thousands of jobs and benefitted countless organizations. With cloud computing continuing to grow in popularity all over the world, it’s vitally important that businesses… [Continue Reading]

Microsoft's new Surface Studio is an impressive but pricey all-in-one PC

At its Surface event, Microsoft today introduced not only an updated Surface Book but also an all-new all in one PC called Surface Studio. With a 28-inch screen, impressive specs and clever design, it is probably the closest and most appealing rival to Apple's mighty 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. The Surface Studio is aimed at prosumers, featuring a hinged stand that enables users to adjust the angle of the display -- which can be used upright, tilted back or flat on the desk. That is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive things about it. And, of course, it is… [Continue Reading]

Microsoft's updated Surface Book i7 delivers twice the graphics performance

At its big event in New York, Microsoft has already introduced the next version of Windows 10, called Creator’s Update, and it has some hardware designed to run it on. Last Year’s Surface Book divided opinion, with its rather weird, unsightly hinge, but it’s not a problem for Microsoft, which has decided to keep that look in its 2016 update. As you can guess from the name, Surface Book i7 runs on an Intel Core i7 processor. According to Microsoft, that makes it three times as powerful as the top MacBook Pro -- although, bear in mind, Apple is set… [Continue Reading]

Facebook introduces PayPal integration in Messenger app

In an effort to make it easier for users to pay through its messaging service, Facebook has added PayPal as a new payment option in the Messenger app. The deal between the two companies will allow customers to use PayPal when shopping through Facebook Messenger -- and they will even be able to use the service to pay for items purchased through merchants' chatbots. The online payment service had added that it will also be making it easier for users to link their PayPal account to their Facebook account. For some time now, Facebook has been working with a number of… [Continue Reading]

Windows 10 'Creator’s Update' arriving next spring

At Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in New York, the software giant has lifted the wraps off the next big update of Windows 10, which it’s calling the 'Creator’s Update'. Yes, we know -- weird name, right? New in this update will be a fresh version of Paint, called Paint 3D. This isn’t a minor update of the awful Paint program that most people have ignored for years, but rather a tool that lets you scan objects in the real world, and import them into a 3D environment. Speaking at the event, Megan Saunders, General Manager at Microsoft said "We want… [Continue Reading]