vendredi 2 décembre 2016

Microsoft shares its '12 Days of Deals' for 2016 Holiday Shopping -- here's which days are best

Well folks, December is here, and before you know it, Christmas and other holidays will be upon us. You know what that means -- shopping. For some ultra-responsible people, their holiday shopping is already done. For many other people, however, there are still many gifts to buy. Technology-related gifts are always popular, and this year Microsoft is rolling out some great deals. In fact, unlike Black Friday which only lasts one day, the Windows-maker is offering a mind-boggling "12 Days of Deals". Many of the deals are available both online or at Microsoft's retail stores, but the ones labeled "In-Store Doorbuster… [Continue Reading]

Facebook offers a $20 million sweetener to improve Silicon Valley communities

Mark Zuckerberg is well known for his philanthropic ventures -- he hardly keeps them quiet, after all. Now Facebook as a whole is getting in on the action, offering up a $20 million contribution to help improve the communities around Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. It could be argued that the financial offering is not entirely selfless, but this will probably be of little concern to those who stand to benefit from a number of projects that will focus on building affordable housing, STEM training in the area, and legal support for those in need. The social networking giant… [Continue Reading]

The state of SharePoint and Office 365 development

SharePoint is the most widely used hub for modern businesses, while Office 365 is increasingly the first choice for cloud productivity. With these two platforms forming the bedrock of many companies' IT environments, business leaders need to understand how the platforms are changing and the needs of the employees who work with them. SharePoint customization specialist Rencore has surveyed over 1,200 SharePoint and Office 365 developers and other professionals to get a picture of how the community is evolving. Among the findings are that businesses are gradually phasing out older versions of SharePoint and increasingly adopting later versions of the… [Continue Reading]

Social engineering attacks are a real threat to most organizations

Social engineering, as a method of cyber-security attacks, is very popular and quite widespread, according to a new report by cybersecurity firm Agari. It had polled 200 professionals from healthcare, government, financial services and education sectors. Six in ten (60 percent) of security leaders say their organization either was, or "may have been" a victim of at least one targeted social engineering attack, on the last year alone. Two thirds of those attacks (65 percent) led to employees’ credentials getting compromised. Financial accounts were breached in 17 percent of attacks. Almost nine in ten (89 percent) of respondents say they noticed either… [Continue Reading]

99 percent of fake Apple chargers are unsafe

When the time comes to buy a charger for your Apple device, you better make sure that what you are getting is the real deal. Why? A new report from UK's Chartered Trading Standards Institute says that the vast majority of counterfeit chargers for Apple products are not safe to use. CTSI purchased 400 fake chargers from suppliers across the globe and discovered that 397 of them -- or 99.25 percent -- fail to meet what it considers a "basic safety test". In other words, if you use one to top the battery on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook… [Continue Reading]

Defeat ransomware with Avast's free decryptors

Ransomware is probably the most malicious form of malware, and if you’ve been hit by it, the effects can be devastating. You have two choices -- either pay the ransom in the hope your files will be released (not a given by any means), or try to find a way around the problem. If you have a backup of your personal files then you can simply wipe your system, and start over. If you don’t then, a ransomware decryption tool might save the day. Avast offers a selection of free decryption tools, and has just released four more to counter… [Continue Reading]

How to stop Facebook eating through your mobile data allowance

If you have an unlimited mobile data plan -- or a very generous one at least -- then you don’t have to worry about apps going crazy, and gobbling up data when you’re out and about. If, however, you’re on a more limited plan, you probably want to save data where you can. Facebook is one of worst apps for consuming data rather unnecessarily, but you can rein it in. Facebook plays videos automatically as you scroll down your newsfeed. Stopping that from happening can make a big difference, depending on how much time you spend on the social network.… [Continue Reading]