mardi 24 janvier 2017

93 percent of organizations have technical challenges protecting data

Data breaches can be extremely damaging for enterprises, leading to loss of consumer confidence, loss of revenue and even regulatory fines. But despite the importance of data security a new study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of data protection specialist Varonis Systems, finds that organizations are often focused on threats rather than their data and don't have a good handle on understanding and controlling sensitive information. Although making heavy investment in a variety of data security tools as part of their strategy, 93 percent of respondents report persistent technical challenges in protecting their data. In addition 96 percent believe a unified approach… [Continue Reading]

RawTherapee 5 ramps up its RAW processing power

Open-source raw image processor RawTherapee has hit version 5.0, its first major release in more than two years, with some important new features and functionality. The Wavelets tool provides a smart way to perform some action -- sharpen, denoise, colorize -- on one detail level, without affecting other levels. This could allow reducing noise in one part of an image, while sharpening other areas. The Wavelet’s feature has been around in developer builds for a while, but it’s good to see them finally reach a stable release. If you’ve not tried them already, check out a simple starter guide here.… [Continue Reading]

Vivaldi CEO: 'Stop your anti-competitive practices with Edge, Microsoft!'

Microsoft is no stranger to pissing people off, particularly when it comes to Windows 10. There have been endless cries about forced updates, complaints about ads, moaning about privacy, and now the CEO of Vivaldi has lashed out at the company for its anti-competitive practices with Microsoft Edge. Jon von Tetzchner says that Microsoft has forgotten about the "actual real-life people that use technology in their daily lives." He takes particular umbrage at Windows 10's continued insistence of resetting the default browser to Edge. Indicating that his patience has now run out, von Tetzchner points to a 72-year-old friend who… [Continue Reading]

One in three workers expect some tasks to be automated soon

Workers are ceding responsibility for learning new skills to their employers, according to a new report by BMC. After polling 3,200 office workers in 12 countries, it was concluded that workers like the idea of enhancing their work lives through technology. However, 40 percent don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with the pace of change, and 88 percent say the responsibility of innovative cultures lies in the hands of their employers. Paul Appleby, EVP of Digital Transformation at BMC, says: "The massive digital disruption we are experiencing is forcing societies and businesses to create new learning environments to… [Continue Reading]

Grab yourself a cheaper Surface Pro 4 by ditching the pen

While there is a lot to love about Surface Pro 4, the price tag can be a little off-putting to would-be buyers. Microsoft has clearly heard the complaints about pricing and has introduced a cheaper option. For the first time, it is now possible to buy a Surface Pro 4 without a pen, shaving a not-insignificant $100 off the usual price. Somewhat strangely only one model is available without the pen, but this is something that could change further down the line. Even if you want a pen, buying without actually works out cheaper! The only model available to buy… [Continue Reading]

Let there be light (and sound) -- Inateck Tomons DL1101 [Review]

Is it a lamp? Is it a speaker? Is it a media player? Is it a radio? Actually the DL1101 is all of these things rolled into one. It can connect to a sound source via Bluetooth or play music from a Micro SD card, there's a built-in FM receiver and it lights up, all of this for around $20. The on-board battery needs to be charged through its USB connection. It can deliver up to eight hours of life on a full charge but this obviously depends on volume levels and how bright you have the light. Power and playback… [Continue Reading]

China blocks VPNs, making Great Firewall circumvention harder

The Great Firewall of China is a famously totalitarian measure taken by the Chinese government to control what its citizens are able to see and do online. As with any such blockade, where there's a will there's a way, and people have long turned to VPNs to get around the firewall. But with a new 14-month crackdown on the use of such tools, the situation just got a little trickier. While on the face of it the announcement from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China seems like a new one, it is really just a drive to… [Continue Reading]